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Buckwheat Granola (with Blueberry)

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Buckwheat Granola (with Blueberry)

WHAT IS buckwheat & oat granola?

Buckwheat & Oat Granola, which is one of the newest series of Gluten Free Factory and produced with one of the largest granola facilities in Turkey, is with you. Produced as an alternative to muesli and other breakfast cereals, granola is a candidate to be your favorite choice to start the day fresh and beautiful. With its clean content, high nutritional value and excellent taste, buckwheat & oat granola is a new alternative for you in gluten-free nutrition.

buckwheat & oat granola content

Gluten-Free Factory continues to maintain its clean content, quality raw materials and excellent taste standards in its new product, buckwheat & oat granola, in every food it produces. Granola, which contains only buckwheat, oats, date puree, dried mulberry, apple juice concentrate, cinnamon, pistachio and chocolate and olive oil, does not contain preservatives or additives. In addition, there are no binding chemicals. Gluten-Free Factory, which takes firm steps towards making clean and healthy production, maintains its usual quality in its new product, granola.

BENEFITS OF buckwheat & oats granola

If we take a closer look at the benefits of Gluten-Free Factory Granola, we can say that it does not contain any additives and preservatives. On the other hand, Gluten-Free Factory Granola does not need unhealthy substances such as added sugar and flavoring. Since it is intended to be a healthy and natural food from the development stage to its production, it becomes a food that you can safely give to your children. Gluten-Free Factory Granola is ideal for you both as breakfast and in your snacks, especially among the gluten-free foods that are very limited.

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