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Gluten Free Oatmeal

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Gluten-free oatmeal has been one of the most demanded products of the Gluten-Free Factory since its establishment. Gluten-Free Factory, which goes to the stage of careful preparation and packaging after each harvest, has managed to steal your heart with gluten-free oatmeal for a long time. Gluten-Free Factory, which offers you that soft and wonderful taste that you missed with the last harvest, as always, now aims to present this product to you with an affordable price.



Gluten-free oatmeal is produced by the Gluten-Free Factory and the reason why it is so popular and demanded today is that it is presented to you as natural and fresh. Another advantage is that it does not contain any additives and does not contain chemicals that will extend its shelf life. In addition, gluten-free oatmeal does not contain sweeteners and extra sugar. Thus, it is a candidate to be a great food that you can consume with your family and loved ones. GMO, which is another subject that athletes and people who are interested in healthy living, are curious about, is not found in gluten-free oatmeal. Thus, it continues to be safe for you and your loved ones.


Nutritional Value of Gluten-Free Oatmeal
If gluten-free oatmeal is preferred by so many people today, the most obvious reason for this is undoubtedly its high nutritional value. This food, which is especially rich in protein and fiber, is also a good source of minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates you need throughout the day. It does not contain added sugar and contains a low percentage of natural fats. Looking at the key figures, gluten-free oatmeal contains 367 calories per 100 grams, 10 grams of fiber, 13.9 grams of protein and many vitamins. This ensures that you can safely consume it, including your children.

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